SCMLi is a dynamic learning organization that leverages its knowledge creation to catalyze deep transformation in individuals, organizations and society toward the advancement of the common good.

What is Spiritual Capital?

Spiritual Capital is the accumulated and enduring collection of beliefs, knowledge, values and dispositions that drive societal, organizational and interpersonal behavior.

What is Moral Leadership?

Moral Leadership is the capacity to exert influence and effect change by leading ones self and others towards specific goals, guided by universal moral principles.

What is the Dark Side of Leadership?

The Dark Side of Leadership is the combination of our inner urges, compulsions and dysfunctions, cloaked in an outer persona we present to the world. As Carl Jung wrote, “The brighter the persona, the darker the shadow.”

Reasons to take your SCMLi Spiritual Capital Assessment

Discover your personal “store” of Spiritual Capital
Learn how to engage in the Spiritual Capital formation process
Learn how to transfer your personal Spiritual Capital to your organization

Reasons to take your SCMLi Dark Side Assessment

Discover the areas where you can grow as a leader
Identify your unique barriers to more effective leadership
Begin the journey toward holistic moral leadership

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What is Moral Leadership?
What is Moral Leadership?
SCMLi defines Moral Leadership as the capacity to exert influence and effect change by leading self, then others towards specific…
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When Image Is Everything
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“The course was eye opening for me and through it, I have improved my moral compass and competency….the learning, I believe has changed my life for the better, both personally and professionally.”

Sohail Daroogar, Dubai – United Arab Emirates

“Before taking the Moral Leadership Course, I thought Moral leadership was about personal values and ethics…Through deep dialogues with the other participants, we come to the same conclusion: leading your organization to service excellence is not possible without Moral Leadership competence. I now feel ready to take on the challenge.”

Stanley Nyoni, Senior Advisor at The Natural Step International

“This course provided me with knowledge and skills to work with a moral issue very close to my heart – which I can use now as a starting point to work with my clients. I really liked the way we were provided research information and we were then given the space and time to discover the learnings ourselves and to then apply the learnings in practical steps to our case study…”

Yuet Mee Ho, Malaysia The Virtues Project

“The great value of this course is the presentation of a new framework, a new style of leadership based on Truth, Nobility, Service and Transcendence. A wonderful program! “

Gilles Cavalli, France

“… I have improved the way I identify, communicate and deal with the increasing complexity of moral issues that arise in today’s global businesses. An essential course if you want to improve the moral values and long-term social sustainability of your business.”

Francisco Viyuela – Madrid,Spain Independent Advisors”

“This has been … quite extraordinary. My journey has thrown up all sorts of surprises; it has unbalanced those things I felt confident about, set my mind racing, enthralled me with new found knowledge and confidence, and changed some relationships in wonderful ways. ”

Ralph Blundell, London/Southern France