Leading from the Inside Out: The Art of Self-Leadership by Sam Rima, Ph.D.




Too many stories have been told of successful leaders who fail in their private lives and consequently neutralize their vocational achievements. Leadership expert Sam Rima believes the time has come for leaders to exercise the same skill and degree of leadership in their personal lives as they do in their organizations.

Despite strong advances in organizational leadership, a key growth area is still lacking for many: self-leadership. Addressing this evident need, Rima offers practical implementation of essential leadership principles and discusses the emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual aspects of self-leadership.

Anyone who serves in a position of leadership or authority will benefit from Rima’s insights. Leading from the Inside Out is also a useful tool for leadership classes, as well as boards and organizational leaders who want to help those they oversee prevent personal failures. The book includes a study guide and a Self-Leadership Workshop at the end of each chapter.


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