Organizational Consulting

An organization’s culture and corporate ethos are critical to both recruiting and retaining top talent as well as to attaining ultimate organizational outcomes. In today’s environment, it is essential that C-level leaders and managers lead by example when it comes to moral and ethical leadership. With our proprietary assessment tools SCMLi can help your leaders identify “friction points” that mitigate against a healthy corporate culture. We can also help your team understand the essential nature of Spiritual Capital and the role it plays in the effective pursuit of your mission. We can help your organization assess its current level of Spiritual Capital and prescribe a course of action to increase your overall level of Spiritual Capital. In all of our organizational consulting it is essential that top level leaders be engaged in the process to increase the likelihood of meaningful and lasting transformational outcomes.

Workshops, Learning Labs & Conferences

SCMLi creates and conducts onsite workshops that engage your team in collaborative exercises to grow your stock of Spiritual Capital, enhance your Moral Leadership and understand your essential role in creating and maintaining a holistic and healthy organizational culture. We offer one day and multi-day workshops on Spiritual Capital, Moral Leadership, ethical dilemmas, moral intelligence, moral courage, and overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership, and can tailor workshops to meet your team’s unique needs. We also conduct virtual “Learning Labs” built around our Learning Engagements, which greatly enhance and reinforce participant learning outcomes.

We periodically organize conferences on topics of Spiritual Capital and Moral Leadership that feature thought leaders and practitioners in the field. These conferences will be highlighted on our website.

Personal Coaching & E-Coaching

Having worked with hundreds of leaders in a wide variety of organizations over the the last twenty years, we are uniquely qualified to coach leaders one-on-one, both virtually and in person, on issues of individual and organizational Spiritual Capital formation, Moral Leadership and the Dark Side of Leadership. We will help leaders who face the challenge of transforming their organization to identify the organizational Spiritual Capital that sustains transformational change, as well as help them to identify and engage their own personal growth paths as a leader.

Learning Engagements

Learning Engagements are “bite sized” pieces of learning activities, focused on very specific learning outcomes associated with Spiritual Capital and Moral Leadership. We have developed Learning Engagements in different formats, face to face (F2F), blended and online. Our Learning Engagements are opportunities to engage your team in Spiritual Capital and Moral Leadership issues in a relatively brief period of time, as opposed to more lengthy courses or workshops. Learning Engagements allow you to “sample” our approach and content and provide powerful opportunities to raise awareness and begin the journey toward organizational Spiritual Capital and personal Moral Leadership.

Online Courses and Certifications

SCMLi offers suites of online courses in both Spiritual Capital and Moral Leadership leading to certifications in both areas. These courses are a scalable way to engage employees and members of your team in their own personal growth in building Spiritual Capital and pursuing Moral Leadership to create a healthy corporate culture. Online course can be delivered in a blended format or in combination with on-site training. SCMLi can deliver the courses using its own learning platform or build the courses in your organization’s platform. We also have the required expertise to adapt our standard courses to your specific organizational needs.

Immersive Experiences

If you seek to immerse yourself in Spiritual Capital and Moral Leadership in even more personalized settings, SCMLi occasionally organizes retreats and learning journeys (which may include foreign travel). These events are announced on our website and can be “tailor made” to fit organizational needs.

Academic Services

As leading authors in the field of Spiritual Capital and leadership, we participate in conferences as keynotes speakers, presenters, and workshop facilitators. We also engage in speaking engagements as panel members, news commentators and subject matter experts. We deliver guest lectures and courses at academic and learning institutions and partner with them in offering courses from our suite on the SCMLi platform or, if prefered, on their institutional platform.

Affiliate Partnerships

Uniting for impact, SCMLi encourages organizations passionate about Spiritual Capital and Moral Leadership to partner with us as affiliates. Affiliate Partners have a presence on our website to promote their organization and reach a larger audience. After minimal training, affiliates are also able to use our proprietary assessment tools and methodology in their own consulting and educational work. Affiliates gain access to our Learning Engagements and online course suites and are invited to contribute toward the creation of additional learning content. Affiliates have the opportunity to present in our conferences and participate in other unique online “Learning Labs” for affiliates only. Our affiliates also become members of a growing network of professionals passionate about issues of Spiritual Capital and Moral Leadership who want to see deep transformation in our world.