Spiritual Capital

Spiritual Capital is the accumulated and enduring collection of beliefs, knowledge, values and dispositions that drive societal, organizational and interpersonal behavior.

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Transcendence as Tangible Capital
Spirituality and Transcendence are big business these days! We weren’t able to find exact figures, but some sources report that the wellness industry is worth over a billion dollars and the yoga industry alone is worth 80bn USD globally. Exact figures aren’t necessary to make the point – spirituality and transcendence sells! Some might be
Why We Need Spiritual Capital
On May 20th, 2009, in the aftermath of the American-spawned global financial crisis, the United States Congress passed legislation entitled The Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act of 2009, which simultaneously created the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission to oversee the recovery efforts and explore the precipitating causes of the crisis (FCIC, 2010). The ten members of
What is Spiritual Capital?
Let’s face it, the words “spirituality” and “religion” carry a heavy load in most contemporary societies. An increasingly diversified, globalized and commoditized world has lead to an endless variety of practices, understandings and expressions of spirituality and religion. As a result spirituality and religion are often viewed as pertaining to people’s private domain while large